Welcome to the ROO Casino VIP Club

Whether it’s booth seating at the club, backstage at the concert, or front row seats at the ball game, we all love a taste of the good life. At our ROO Casino VIP Club, get your fix of first class fun, best of breed bonuses and award worthy wagering.

VIP Promotions

Expect unbeatable high end promotions when you step into the VIP Club here at ROO Casino. Exclusive is how we roll, which is why we provide our special guests with offers well above the norm. When you step into the VIP Club at ROO Casino, the party really gets started.

VIP Benefits

Personal ROO Casino Hosts
Your ROO Casino Host will take charge of the offers and promotions that relate directly to you and inform you of any upcoming events that may be to your liking. Furthermore, your host will be available to discuss any of your concerns personally, and at your convenience.

Exclusive Loyalty Programme
Receive a 5-star service with our VIP Loyalty Programme that rewards play with pay. Take your ROO ride to the max with the very most exclusive offers, gig tickets, event invites and much much more. Maintain your VIP status and receive enhanced benefits every month. The higher your VIP level, the more ROO your ride will get.