Papa Roody’s coming home!

Born in Werribee, Melbourne and living mostly on the go since his gap year, Roody is finally returning to his one and true home. The chap has seen and done everything, from traveling the world and measuring up against the biggest names in the poker arena to partying with the Wallabies and opening his own venue chock-full of only the good stuff, hand-picked or designed by the
Roodmeister himself.
Over the years, he gained knowledge and experience, working in resorts and casinos all over the world, but mostly in Vegas, Macau and Monte Carlo. It was in Monte Carlo that he got a penchant for slots and started to gather as much information as he could, eventually developing advanced strategies. He ended up launching this website, offering free advice to players, which gained him a large online following - his buddies call themselves ROOmies. Now running his own casino, Roody has settled permanently in Monte Carlo, although he sees himself more as a citizen of the world, travels frequently and works tirelessly to pass down his knowledge to everybody he comes in contact with, from slots novices to seasoned high-rollers alike.
Everybody gather ROOund for a warm welcome!

Sincerely, Roody

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Casino Creed

At ROO, we keep it simple, awesome and competitive, all at the same time:
- Fast everything, especially payouts
- Most competitive wagering requirements on the market!
- Roody's personal touch on every promotion
- Cool as a cucumber... also, green as one
- To the point, full stop
Too ROO to be true? Come see for yourself!